Daily Bullet 1

Discovering Reliable Internal Motivation

like a good walking stick that keeps you moving when the mountain is steep

This one is about chasing that unicorn we call motivation and finding a form of it you can trust will be there for you daily — like a good walking stick you can lean on when the mountain gets too steep.

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The challenge

Starting projects solo be they business, household or educational can be a crushing experience with entire days dismayed at oneself for not getting tasks done…again.

It may be due to a lack of energy or direction but in any case, a well intentioned day can dissolve into endless distractions on YouTube whilst coffee breaks rack up. By the end of it all, you’re left exhausted, guilty and lost.

Mission, Compass And Walking Stick

To get through the slumps in energy and general distraction you need a mission, compass and walking stick.

Your mission is where you are going. Your compass is the reminder. The walking stick helps you take the next step when you’re feeling low.

There is something which encompasses all three qualities in one nice parcel — service.

When you think of your work as service to others, when you can visualise the benefit or happiness your progress towards your own goals will necessarily give to others you have all three qualities in one.

  • Your mission is how you wish others to benefit from your work.
  • Your compass is reminding yourself of your mission and what you are walking towards.
  • Your walking stick is visualising the happy faces of all you serve if you make any progress for them today and the sad faces if you fail to progress. Remember it’s not all the big end goals, any progress at all is good for your mission.

This is not, by the way, some parade of selflessness. Rather, it’s recognition of the fact that your progress is based on your ability to help the people you serve through your work and then putting focus on this fact to find reliable internal motivation — your mission, compass and walking stick.

Service As Internal Motivation

I recently started a coffee business called Chetventure Coffee and decided from the start that it’s all about serving the farmer and the customer.

So on days I feel lost or slow I remind myself of them, the commitment I’ve made and how if I don’t take a step forward today I’m letting them down. I also think about their joy if I do a really good job.

Now even the smallest task seems relevant as it’s not about me anymore and my immediate need to rest or be entertained.

Thus no matter how I feel today, I must continue with my tasks for them. 

That’s all

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Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow

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